Ruby Adventure Mom

My first new B-Class RV purchase: 2021 Thor Tellaro L

My second new B-Class RV purchase: 2022 Thor Sanctuary 19P

Hiking Angel's Landing, one of North Americas most deadly hikes in Zion National Park, Utah

Snorkeling with a Black tip shark at Bahia Honda State Park, Florida. It caught me by surprise!

Free Climbing (Rock Scrambling) on the Aztec Butte trail in Canyonlands Nation park, Utah

Hiking to the Colorado river from the Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Hiking the Sunset Trail in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Photo: Balanced Rock overlook in the Sugarloaf Mountain

Hello everyone, welcome to my Website. Like so many others, my lifestyle changed due to the pandemic. Before the pandemic, my family life had become so hectic & busy that there never seemed to be a good time to travel anymore. Somewhere along the line we realized that our last vacation was more Than10 years before. We decided that it was time we made some travel plans ... but then the pandemic hit! I no longer wanted to travel by plane or stay in a hotel. We decided that a better & safer alternative would be to travel in our own vehicle, one that we could also sleep in, cook our own meals in, vacation in. Yes, an RV, but which one? The RV shopping process is not easy and required a lot of research. We spent hours upon hours learning, viewing, and studying RVs. To keep a history of the RV we visited, we started making videos of each RV ... The rest is history! I decided I wanted to document & share what I have learned along with my ongoing experiences and adventures.

This website, along with my YouTube Channel, are designed for just that, to share my ongoing:

RV tours / walkthroughs

Camping destinations

Hiking adventures

RV modifications & DIYs

RV Cooking

Product Reviews

And much more…..

So I invite you to come along with me on this ongoing RV journey.